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  • February 2013: CU launches nLab and quotes Eben Johnson for entrepreneuship and supporting students Click Here

  • February 2013: more good results coming in

    Over 90% of last semester's students gave Marketing and High-Tech Ventures the highest possible student evaluation scores. And the trend continues: this spring semester, 100% of responding students gave their course and their instructor the highest possible grade.

    It's about having and showing respect for different skills and experiences. Bringing together top-notch engineering and marketing people, supporting them well, and giving them room to work their magic is one of the greatest experiences one can have in business.
  • January 2013: another happy customer

    "You were GREAT as our liaison! GREAT! It was wonderful that you took the time to meet with us regularly and give feedback and advice. That was something that I could hold over all the other groups' heads. As a mentor for the NVC, you were PERFECT! I couldn't have asked for a better person to teach us how to give a pitch. I really wish that I could do it all over again."

  • December 2012:

    Starting in just a couple weeks, Eben Johnson will begin teaching the graduate-level Marketing & High-Tech Ventures course (EMEN 5090) in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. This exciting news follows on two years of Eben teaching the undergraduate version of this class (EMEN 4800).

    "Throughout their study, engineering students are taught how to design. I'm passionate about helping where I can, teaching them something about why."
    Eben Johnson

  • November 2012: another delighted customer

    “Eben’s contributions were integral in helping us better define and understand our target markets, identify critical next steps, and bring our company to the attention of qualified institutional and strategic investors; with his help, we have also been able to better define our product plans and set a more exciting and compelling course towards success.  Coleman Venture Funding strongly recommends Eben and Colorado Technology Ventures to other investors and companies working to grow their business.”

  • November 2012: Colorado Technology Ventures completed another successful due-diligence, saving potential investors millions

  • October 2012: Recovergy, LLC selected to present in the NREL 2012 Industry Growth Forum; come meet the team and attend the company presentation!

  • May 2012: As President of Recovergy, LLC, Eben Johnson, Founder of Colorado Technology Ventures, LLC, is working with this team to commercialize their Backpressure Steam Turbine Electrical Generator technology and grow a financially successful company. With a large and yet unserved market, working prototypes, IP, and very good pro-forma margins, this pre-revenue venture is wanting to go to market.

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  • May 2012: Biorecycling is going to the White House!
    Our team of CU Sr. ChemE students has been invited
    by the DOE to Washington, D.C. to participate in the
    National Finals of the 2012 DOE New Venture
    Challenge, with the awards ceremonies at the
    White House.

  • May 2012: Colorado Technology Ventures, LLC, MBA students from the CU Leeds School of Business, and NREL have recently completed a technical and commercial assessment of a new technology to grow cyanobacteria. This collaborative project was managed under the CU Cleantech Market Assessment Program.

  • Apr 2012: Colorado Technology Ventures, LLC is delighted to announce that BioRecyclean, LLC, the sr. ChemE student team from the University of Colorado – Boulder, that CTV has been mentoring, won second place in the DOE sponsored, Cleantech Regional New Venture Challenge!  Competing against teams of MBAs and PhDs from nine different states, this great undergraduate team presented a compelling business plan to provide waste recycling and remediation systems and services in the horse/equine industry.  Hats off to Ashley Stratman, Charlie McIntosh, and Marshall Beebe!  And, special thanks to the team’s sponsors: Colorado Horse Park Metro District, Douglas County, and Boulder County.

  • Feb 2012: Colorado Technology Ventures, LLC, is pleased to announce it is leading a collaborative project with the Colorado Horse Park Metro District and the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado to assess the technical and commercial feasibility of converting horse manure and related waste to energy and other value-added products.  This project is made possible with funding from the Colorado Horse Park Metro District and Boulder and Douglas counties

  • Jan 2012: Eben Johnson was a panelist on CU Cleantech's and DOE's webinar "Unique Challenges Facing Cleantech Startups". A webinar directed to current and potential entrepreneurs in the global cleantech, alternative, renewable markets — click here

  • Dec 2011: Colorado Technology Ventures, LLC is working with the Boulder SBDC

  • Dec 2011: Colorado Technology Ventures, LLC chosen again to lead a new CU Cleantech Market Assessment Program — NREL CO2 Conversion Technology — click here

Previous Engagements & Awards:

  • Li-Ion battery management systems — Marketing & sales, business strategy & funding, product costs, & quality control
  • Solar-thermal to Sirling engine electricity generation — 2010 Cleantech Award & Cash Prize
  • Li-Ion materials technology — Business and licensing strategy
  • H2 production through solar concentrator to FE catalyst — CU-Cleantech RASEI MAP Program with funding
  • Air systems for H2 fuel cells and diesel emissions aftertreatment — Product & supply-chain development
  • Waste-to-energy Syngas production — Feedstock & supply-chain analysis
  • New licensing model for new product development — UNC New Business Challenge — 1st Place plus cash award
  • Internal combustion engine (ICE) — Business assesment, product and business development, investor relations and funding

Other Awards:

  • USCA Best of Boulder Award for Excellence in Marketing
  • Best in Class award by UTCDesign and implementation of a global, voice-of-the-customer interview process
  • Commendation from Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Committee — Excellence in Operations and Procurement

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